Opportunities to Engage

Join our community of sponsors, community sponsorship staff, and refugees paired with sponsors.

We organize ongoing opportunities for knowledge sharing and learning. These include webinars, monthly Social Learning Spaces, and ongoing Communities of Practice. We hope you will join us!

Sounding Board: A Social Learning Space

Sounding Board is a social learning space for co-sponsorship staff at both the local and national levels to share resources, best practices, challenges, and lessons learned in the field. Meetings are interactive and discussion-based. If you would like to suggest a future Sounding Board topic, please email info@refugeewelcome.org.

Communities of Practice

Depending on your role with community sponsorship, when you join a community of practice you will connect with others carrying out similar tasks and responsibilities. You will have the chance to learn how others in similar positions manage, and together share knowledge and best practices.

Refugee Welcome Collective supports communities of practice to meet on a regular basis, and is a platform for sharing lessons learned, materials developed, and further connections and knowledge across communities.

To learn more about joining a community of practice, please complete the expression of interest form below.