In-depth trainings for community sponsors, staff, and refugees paired with sponsors.

Community Sponsorship Essentials

Prepare to welcome refugees in your community. Take our co-designed baseline training.

Co-designed by the Refugee Welcome Collective, Welcome.US, and the Community Sponsorship Hub, this training serves as a baseline for engaging as a community sponsorship group. Participants will receive both in-depth information around providing resettlement services and a broad overview of how to help facilitate long-term integration and success for newcomers. Pieces of this training are designed for individual learning and reflection, while others are to be discussed with the larger community sponsorship group. If your group wants to serve as a co-sponsor paired with a local refugee resettlement agency, then please be sure to contact your local agency for next steps after completing the baseline training.

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Deep Dive Series

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Community Sponsorship Building Blocks

Quick trainings for sponsors covering key topics relevant to welcome.

Centering Newcomer Autonomy and Promoting Self-Sufficiency

This course is designed to support community sponsors in learning how to protect and center newcomer autonomy and actively promote self-sufficiency. This course takes approximately 20 min. to complete.

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Ready, Set, Launch: Training for Designing and Managing a Co-Sponsorship Program

Get tools, resources, and examples to create and manage quality community sponsorship programs.

This in-depth training provides local and national resettlement staff with a variety of tools and resources needed to set up, manage, and evaluate community sponsorship programs at the local and national levels.

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Documentation and Benefits

Newcomers and sponsors can learn about important documentation and key benefits, plus how to apply for them.

This series of video tutorials introduces documentation and benefits available to refugee newcomers, why they are important, how to apply for them, and how sponsors can provide support in the process.

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Mobilizing University Resources for Welcome: How to Make Your Campus a Resettlement Campus

Learn how universities can engage in community sponsorship.

Mobilizing higher education institutional resources is an innovative way to both welcome refugees and provide valuable learning experiences for students. Join Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR) to explore the ins-and-outs of establishing a “Resettlement Campus” – i.e. a higher education institution that provides refugees with temporary housing and community integration support through transformative curricular and co-curricular efforts.

Participants will learn about refugee resettlement and ECAR, why college and university campuses are uniquely positioned to support refugee integration, and how to effectively mobilize resources to do so. Participants will be equipped to leverage their campus and community resources to provide culturally responsive integration support while prioritizing the agency and dignity of refugees.

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The minimum registrants for each training is 10, and the maximum is 30.

Do you need specific training for your community sponsorship group or staff?

Refugee Welcome Collective can work with you to develop training that meets your needs.

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