WelcomeWorks is an innovative solution that helps community sponsors and community sponsorship staff track important community sponsorship program activities.

In addition to making program activity tracking easier for CS members and staff, data collected through WelcomeWorks allows national agencies and the Refugee Welcome Collective to understand community sponsorship trends across resettlement networks and aggregate critical data to support CS development and capacity building.

How it works:
  1. A national office creates a local office account and assigns a local office user.
  2. The local office user matches a community sponsorship group with one of their refugee clients and indicates the activities the group will be responsible for, any in-kind or financial contributions they are required to make, and their time commitment. They can also note if the group has received training, completed their background checks, and upload a signed Memorandum of Understanding.
  3. When a local office makes a match, the community sponsorship members or volunteers receive an invitation to create an account.
  4. With their account created, CS members can enter the activities they’ve completed, their case notes, and any details on in-kind or financial donations they’ve made.
  5. Important data are captured in one place. Local and national staff can view information and run reports for a full picture of the impact of their community sponsorship program for monitoring, evaluation, learning, and for their communications with community members, partners and donors.

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